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Chrono Speedruns are timed playthroughs, beginning from the "first input" (pendulum screen, or naming Serge), and ending on the player's final input (which defeats Lavos).

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The 2018 Chrono Trigger (Defeat Magus) Tournament begins July 9.
It will be hosted on Twitch.tv/Speedgaming

Races on Twitch are conducted using the SpeedRunsLive (SRL) racing service, which is available through the timer program, Livesplit. Tournament gameplay must be broadcasted (e.g. to Twitch.tv)

Speedrunning Rules (SDA)

SDA maintains best guidelines for speedrunning, but each game's community defines its own rules. Refer to the specific game for rules and recommendations.

  • ZSNES and early Snes9x (1.4x) are banned for all SNES games
  • Emulator functions (savestates, fast-forward, RAM-watch, multi-key bindings) are banned
  • Turbo-fire functions are banned ("turbo controllers" are allowed, if the function is not used)

Emulators are allowed for Chrono speedruns (and preferred for learning & practice). If you have questions about any of our rules or resources, please join our Discord!

SRCom Leaderboards (CT) (CC)

Once hosted primarily by SpeedDemosArchive(SDA), now speedrun records are mainly on Twitch or Youtube, and listed at Speedrun.com(SRCom). There are also the Nico leaderboards for CT (JP) and CC (JP).

Livestreams & Marathon Runs

Speedruns are most often streamed live, usually on Twitch.tv. You can Follow runners' channels to get notified when they go live. The Discord has a stream-alert feed for all Chrono channels.

Marathon Listing (old home page)

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