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Epoch is a Discord bot that announces Speedrun streams. (Source:github)

  1. Invite the bot to your Discord: https://goo.gl/WQeWzF
  2. Add game names (or partial names) to a Discord #Channel Topic. Epoch checks for a match in the Game of the Twitch stream.
    Example: epoch{ chrono trigger, mario rpg=SMRPG }
  3. Permit the "BOT" Role to post in your #Channel. Discord automatically gives Epoch this Role.
  4. Add streams with !ep-add twitch1,twitch2,etc
    Epoch uses ONE combined list of Twitch channels. PLEASE: only add Speedrunner streams!
    All additions are publicly logged on Epoch's server: https://discord.me/epoch

More features: epoch{ super castle=Whipman (CV4)>KappaNu, mario rpg=>DataFace }

  1. Abbreviate a game name using =
  2. Assign emoji to a game using > (replaces the default ▶️ icon).
  3. Empty tags (trailing comma) will cause every stream to be posted (ignores game filters).
  4. [nosrl] in your stream title: stream won't be announced.
    Streams that go down and back up within 5 minutes are not re-announced.

Use !ep-live to manually check for live streams (based on epoch{ } in the Topic).
Manual-Only: If you wish to prevent automatic posts, change epoch{ } to manual{ }

Finally, use !ep-live game1,game2,etc to perform a custom check, anywhere.

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