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Epoch is a Discord bot that announces Speedrun streams. (Source:github)

  1. Invite the bot to your Discord: https://goo.gl/WQeWzF
  2. Add game names (or partial names) to a Discord #Channel Topic. Epoch checks for a match in the Game of the Twitch stream.
    Example: epoch{ chrono trigger, mario rpg=SMRPG }
  3. Permit the "BOT" Role to post in your #Channel. Discord automatically gives Epoch this Role.
  4. Add streams with !ep-add twitch1,twitch2,etc
    Epoch shares ONE combined list of Twitch channels between all servers.
    PLEASE: only add Speedrunner streams!
    All additions are publicly logged on Epoch's server: https://discord.me/epoch
    Streams with [nosrl] in the title are not announced.


epoch{ castle=Whipman>KappaNu, mario rpg=>DataFace, -casual, +rando }

  1. =Abbreviate a game name for the bot's post
  2. >Assign emoji to a game (replaces the default ▶️ icon).
  3. -Title opt-outs - if any of these tags are found in the title, stream won't be announced.
    (Note: this bot already ignores streams with [nosrl] in the title.)
  4. +Title opt-ins - unless this tag is found in the title, stream won't be announced.
    (Warning: if you use more than one of these tags, the title must match ALL of them.)
  5. ,Trailing comma (empty tag) will cause game filters to be ignored.
    (If you don't include a +title search, every stream will be posted.)

Streams that go down and back up within 5 minutes are not re-announced.

Use !ep-live to manually check for live streams (using epoch{ } in the Topic).
Use !ep-live tag1,etc to perform a custom check, anywhere.

Finally, there is Manual-Only: If you wish to prevent automatic posts, change epoch{ } to manual{ }

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