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  • Unequip, Fadeout, Overflow (Elixirglitch), and Swap Glitch

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Any% Route

DrunkenDraconian's "noob guide" (2018)

Any% No LSS Route

ElGranJerry's New Tutorial (2017) (Jerry's Google Doc)(Boss-Fight Doc)
Note: Jerry's Docs are more up-to-date than the video

All Quests (100%) Route

CronoKirby's Tutorial (2016) (CK's Google Doc)
Note: CK's Doc has a tab with the most up-to-date route

Versions and Emulators

NOT recommended for use:

  • Steam (and Nintendo DS) has all the useful glitches patched, and is generally very different from SNES.
  • PSX has extremely bad load times, and some important glitches are disabled.
  • WiiVC crashes frequently, possibly due to music emulation (SNES has these crashes as well, but it's far more rare). WiiVC has slightly incorrect ATB (behavior in battles), due to non-cycle-accurate emulation. It runs at 59.94 fps, which is slower than SNES (99.7% speed).
  • (The above may possibly apply to the SNES Classic)
  • MOST emulators run at 59.94 fps, and usually have incorrect ATB. Newer versions of [otherwise-recommended] emulators Bizhawk (bsnes v96+) and Snes9x (1.54+) have the ATB issue, coinciding with the addition of MSU-1 (custom music) support.

Recommended for Speedrunning:

  • SNES console (60.09 fps). Flashcarts (e.g. SD2Snes) and "repro" carts are allowed (no difference from original, except some minor graphical noise).
  • Bizhawk (zip) (bsnes v87), using "TAS Profile." Runs as fast as SNES (60.09 fps), and has minimal input lag.

Recommended for Practice:

  • Snes9x 1.51-rr (zip) is easy to use, lightweight, and is able to fast-forward at high speed (ATB emulation is confirmed accurate, but ONLY if the Cheat Menu is Disabled). It runs at 59.94 fps and does have a bit of input lag.
  • Bizhawk (zip) (bsnes v87 core), using "TAS Profile," is great for both runs and practice.
  • (The above 2 emulators have community savestate packs, input-recordings, and Lua scripts available. For the purpose of troubleshooting, if you share a state or input-recording using specifically Snes9x 1.51-rr, someone will very easily be able to check it out for you.)

Glitches & Routing Overview


<Under Construction!>

1. Unequip

This glitch extends normal Battle principles. Coupled with RNG manipulation, it greatly impacts the Level/Tech route.

"fight scripting"
(metronome GIF)

<Tech/damage mechanics to note>

2. Fadeout

Can be used to acquire Save-Anywhere, and enables many boss- and cutscene-skips. This glitch expands on Movement principles.

3. Overflow (Elixirglitch)

The method to kill Lavos using Elixirs (& Greendream). This dictates the end of the Item route.

<Safety items to watch for>

4. Swap Glitch

Enables a handful of exotic tricks, particularly LSS (Lavos Shell Skip).

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