Getting Started


Beginning of Guide:

ayla.gif Pressing A on pendulum screen = "1" count

Heckran Skip: early Gato (see main route)
Factory: run from 3-Slime, get Save-Anywhere. Skip alarm by saving 14+ times
(run to near/touching the big red lines; need to reach left, out of hall)
Magus Castle: "Marle on Flea & Decedent, Robo on Groupie & Juggler"
Tyrano Lair: "Lucca"
Mt. Woe: Lucca on all 4 Rubbles

Giga Gaia (All Endings)



AE: Plant the Seed (close ALL texts manually!)

Pyramid FADE

  • Swallow (right chest)



πŸ•ŠοΈ Mutant X3 (menu trick)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Mutant X2 (menu trick)

  • Rageband

Mt Woe


πŸ•ŠοΈ Gargoyle X2 (menu trick)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Bantam Imp X2 (menu trick)
AE: No Swap

πŸ•ŠοΈ Gargoyle X4 (menu trick)

  • Lapis

πŸ•ŠοΈ Maneater X4 (menu trick)

πŸ•ŠοΈ Gargoyle X3 (menu trick)

  • Timehat

Sunken Desert

Sunken Desert


πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Marleγ€€

use Shelter

  • Lapis

πŸ•ŠοΈ Hexapods (no menu) Magus β†’ Ice2

  • ALL chests (not MuscleRing), Midethers from Fiona

BUY Sightcap (can sell Midether)

  • Castle Elixir, Tabansuit
  • Greendream (Talk to Fiona, go 1000AD)

Golem Twins



πŸ”„ (A.)γ€€Luccaγ€€

use Shelter

Ocean Palace


get Save-Anywhere after cutscene
πŸ•ŠοΈ Switch brothers (no menu)

  • Aeonsuit, Kaiserarm

πŸ•ŠοΈ Stair Tower upper (no menu)
dodge fights

Save/Reload "8"
πŸ•ŠοΈ Pre-Elevator Mage (no menu)

Scouter Skips X2

  • Elixir

Backup: Double-Bright load

Save before cutscene
Menu-glitch during xfer to OP Lavos:
EQUIP Frog Greendream, SAVE, REMOVE Greendream from Frog, EXIT menu

Black Bird



πŸ”„ Luccaγ€€Aylaγ€€Roboγ€€

Go to Commons

Black Bird


Backup: "11" count? (85-A6)




recruit Magus (no swap: Start+B)
use Shelter, BS β†’ 2

Giant's Claw

End of Time


πŸ”„ Roboγ€€Marleγ€€Magusγ€€

  • Time Egg

use Heal bucket

Giant's Claw


600AD ⇩⇨
πŸ•ŠοΈ Lizardactyls (fast menu)

  • Bluerock, ZodiacCape

take exit ladder

  • Sightcap (not triggering Gigasaur is tricky, but possible)
  • Clone (lose & pay 60,000)

[1 sec load] Lavos Beckons, SWAP Frog to P3;
Ending #3: Developers (talk to 8 NPC's)
[Mash load] SWAP Frog to P2, crash Epoch;
Ending #2: Reunion (talk Gaspar, then PC's)

Death Peak

Death Peak


2300AD ⇩⇨
visit Belthasar

(learn Icetackle)

πŸ”„ (R.)γ€€(M.)γ€€Luccaγ€€

Organize items, heal Robo to max (465)
Save, Mash load

  • GigaArm, BraveSword, Starscythe (for helm de-equips)

use Shelter

πŸ”„ (M.)γ€€(L.)γ€€

  • Wall Ring

πŸ•ŠοΈ 2nd Spawn (menu trick)

(learn Megabomb)
Lucca Speedbelt off

(learn Ice2 @ 3rd, Darkbomb @ 7th)

πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Frogγ€€Roboγ€€

The Hug
use Heal bucket; clear 1999 text if you haven't yet

Black Omen

Black Omen


πŸ”„ (A.)γ€€Magusγ€€Luccaγ€€

(learn Flare, Tailspin, Firewhirl)

Healbeam if needed

πŸ”„ (A.)γ€€Cronoγ€€(L.)γ€€

πŸ•ŠοΈ Incognito (menu trick)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Goons (menu trick)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Synchrite (menu trick)

avoid 1st & 2nd Eyeballs
πŸ•ŠοΈ Eyeballs
πŸ•ŠοΈ Metal Mutes (menu trick)

Elevator 1


Floor traps

  • VigilHat, NovaArmor, HasteHelm, Elixir, 2 Megalixir (Nu room)

get Save-Anywhere

πŸ”„ (A.)γ€€Frogγ€€(L.)γ€€

πŸ•ŠοΈ Tubster (Frog Attack!!! then run)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Cybots (menu trick)
GRIND: 4 Ruminators with Ayla, 17 with Marle ~recover MP w/ Shelters

πŸ”„ (A.)γ€€Cronoγ€€(L.)γ€€

Eyeball Room


πŸ•ŠοΈ Goon & Flyclops (menu trick)

  • Megalixir

πŸ•ŠοΈ Tubster & Flyclops (menu trick)

  • Speedtab behind Martello (run around CCW)
  • Speedtab (Tubster overlook)
  • Speedtab, Elixir, Megalixir (Aliens room)

Giga Mutant FADE
Use Shelter

Elevator 2


Goon Skip

(learn Luminaire+Life2; or just learn from Ruminator grind)

  • Speedtab

MAKE 3 SAVES (this will be NG+ file: 4 speedtabs for Marle)

πŸ”„ Luccaγ€€roboγ€€Magusγ€€

Omen Gauntlet


Reload "10" count

Use Megalixir, BS β†’ 4

Healbeam X 2

get Save-Anywhere from Panels!
Load: "8" count


πŸ”„ (L.)γ€€Frogγ€€Roboγ€€


Lavos Shell


SWAP Frog-><-Crono

πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€

πŸ”„ Luccaγ€€Cronoγ€€Aylaγ€€

πŸ”„ (L.)γ€€Roboγ€€Magusγ€€

Heal Lucca

Lavos Arms & Core

Elixir Glitch


πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€Frogγ€€Aylaγ€€

f Greendream γ€€

Be sure Frog is not in critical health (Midtonic)
Battle Speed β†’ 4 (+)

Backup: MASH load

πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€Frog(Mash load)γ€€Ayla(Mash load)γ€€

(Lasers) + f Stands up γ€€
f open Item menu (FAST), point to Elixir γ€€
A-X-Up-X (FAST) A-X-Left-X is the same
(Zap/Buzz Ayla or Crono) + f Midether self ASAP - Few possible openers. Frog going first is great, if you can pull it off
c Point to Elixir OR empty item - any other item is bad
(kills rest of party) + f Stands up γ€€
f MASH (you'll "use" the Elixir) - if you were pointing to blank item, just do same inputs as previous fight (A not B)
Option 1:γ€€B-X-Up-X (FAST) - B-X-Left-X is the same
Option 2:γ€€B-Up-A (FAST) + f Slurpcut< - (take your time with Slurpcut target)

TIME is on input that confirms target (1st frame that the hand icon disappears)

Ending #1: Beyond Time (alt: leave and crash Epoch for balloons)

Back In Time

LOAD 1.1 sec
return to EoT from inside Lavos, SWAP to Crono-Robo-Lucca/Marle (order doesn't matter)
fly Epoch to Bangor Dome, take Proto pillar to R-Series

take Bangor pillar, fly Epoch to Medina, pop in and SWAP Crono-Ayla-Frog, SAVE,

take 1999 bucket — enter headless shell & immediately menu glitch: saves 2 sec every time
Ending #5: Goodnight (Zeal theme; Reset when "Zzz" appears on The End)

[Mash] fly to Magus Castle, SAVE, go in Magus Castle; Frog P2
Ending #9: The Oath (Robo noises; text is all auto; The End grows fully white)

[Bright] fly to Denadoro, EQUIP Bravesword, Midether Crono, SAVE, Tata fights
Ending #6: The Legendary Hero (Robo's theme; The End happens)

[Mash] fly to Frog's house, (skip save), get Hilt; Frog P2
Ending #7: The Unknown Past (Epoch theme; The End, Robo runs off screen)

[Mash] fly Dactyls to Reptite Lair, Ayla P2 and Lucca P3, fight Nizbel
Ending #8: People of the Times (EoT theme; pendant disappears)

[1-Sec] fly to Tyrano Lair, run from Kino's jailors
Ending #10: Dino Age (wake up Crono; 1 manual text; The End falls on Azala)

[Mash] fly to 2nd skyway (scenic), go see Schala in central hall, exit & SAVE; Frog P2
Ending #12: A Slide Show? (Zeal theme; mash text, The End falls)

[1-Sec] get owned by Golem, fly Dactyls back to 1999 bucket
Ending #11: What the Prophet Seeks (Magus' theme; The End appears, fades)

New Game +

use your Fated Hour savefile
Crono Lv36, Marle Lv35
NEED: 4 speedtabs, ~3 megalixir, 2 elixir, 4 hyperether, 1 fullether, 1 midether

New Game+


Battle Mode β†’ Wait
Battle Speed = 5 (no change!)
Battle Cursor β†’ Check

Candy Skip
(Lightning2 all enemies)
Yakra Skip
Reverse Bird Skip: use Shelter, Mash load

(You have S/A for all of Lavos)




Backup: Mash load (12 frames)

Backup: "8" count

Backup: Double-Bright load

Ending #4: Successor of Guardia (gate w/o music, run to Fair exit; The End fades)

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