Getting Started


Beginning of Guide:

ayla.gif Pressing A on pendulum screen = "1" count

Giga Gaia (100%)


a Powerglove= - do this on a Skyway (not in the caves)
(Ironball) + c Slash γ€€
(Zap) + a β†’ Drillkick γ€€
(Zap) + c β†’ Spincut + m β†’ Ice γ€€

Pyramid FADE

  • Swallow (right chest)
c Swallow + l DE weap. γ€€



πŸ•ŠοΈ Mutant X3 (menu trick)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Mutant X2 (menu trick)

c ❌ + a ❌ γ€€
  • Rageband

Mt Woe

a Atk + l miss + c Atk γ€€
c (Atk) - if did not crit
a Atk γ€€
a Atk + c (Atk) γ€€

πŸ•ŠοΈ Gargoyle X2 (menu trick)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Bantam Imp X2 (menu trick)

πŸ”„ (L.)γ€€Roboγ€€

c auto miss γ€€
c auto crit γ€€

πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Luccaγ€€

πŸ•ŠοΈ Gargoyle X4 (menu trick)

  • Lapis

πŸ•ŠοΈ Maneater X4 (menu trick)

a Atk γ€€
a Atk + c (Atk) γ€€

πŸ•ŠοΈ Gargoyle X3 (menu trick)

  • Timehat
(Plasma… Flare) γ€€
a Falcon> (HANDS) γ€€
c Falcon> (HANDS) γ€€
c Crit + l Flamekick γ€€
c Falcon γ€€
c Crit + l Flamekick γ€€
c Falcon γ€€
a Falcon> (HANDS) γ€€
c Falcon 5X - Lucca Ether C if NEED to kill Hands

Golem Twins



Plant the Seed (close ALL texts manually!)
Heal at Floor Sigil

c Falcon γ€€
c Falcon γ€€
c Falcon + l Fire γ€€

Ocean Palace


get Save-Anywhere after cutscene
πŸ•ŠοΈ Switch brothers (no menu)

  • Aeonsuit, Kaiserarm

πŸ•ŠοΈ Stair Tower upper (no menu)
dodge fights

Reload "8" count (1.5-2.1)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Pre-Elevator Mage (no menu)

c Falcon< (Thrasher) γ€€
c Crit< (Barghest) γ€€
l Atk + c Crit γ€€
(Atk Ayla) + c Falcon (Mages) γ€€
(Atk Crono) + c Falcon γ€€
c Falcon> - safer to target vert-center (left guy)
c Falcon> + l β†’ Hypnowave γ€€

Scouter Skips X2

  • Elixir

Backup: Double-Bright load (0.4-0.7)

(Ironball… Ironball) γ€€
c Falcon + l Hypnowave γ€€
a Falcon + l Hypnowave γ€€
a Falcon + l Fire2 γ€€
Try to do this: γ€€
a Falcon + l Hypnowave - if Ironballs come out, go to recovery
a Falcon (fast) γ€€
(Ironball) γ€€
(Ironball) + l Lapis + a Falcon γ€€
RECOVERY: If Ironballs come out early: γ€€
a Falcon + (Ironballs) + l Hypnowave γ€€
c Lapis γ€€
a Falcon + l Fire2 γ€€
a Falcon γ€€

Black Bird



πŸ”„ Luccaγ€€Aylaγ€€Roboγ€€

Go to Commons

Black Bird

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "11" count? (2.1-2.6) [85-A6]
a Catatk (FAST) <?> γ€€
a ❌ + a ❌ γ€€
l Airgun + l Magicscarf γ€€
a Rageband γ€€
r Bandana + r Kaiserarm γ€€
Battle Speed β†’ 1 γ€€
(Lock) + a ❌ γ€€
(Atk Lucca) + a Crit γ€€
(Attack A) + a (Counter) + a Rockthrow - Dalton counters w/ Ironball
(Attack L) + a Rockthrow + l Firetackle vvv - Dalton counters w/ Ironball


Sell Elixir, Sell all equipment except Kaiserarm - need 34,000+ G now
(can Buy some Fulltonics) γ€€

πŸ”„ (L.)γ€€Magusγ€€(R.)γ€€

Son of Sun

Hero's Grave


⇩ 600AD cafe talk, 1000AD cafe talk
⇨⇧ Tabansuit, ⇩⇦ Tools
600AD give tools, Carpenter FADE

⇩ Carpenter talk ⇧

πŸ”„ (L.)γ€€Frogγ€€(R.)γ€€

  • Masamune2, Time Egg (EoT)

Sun Palace



πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Luccaγ€€Magusγ€€

f DE vest -
l Tabansuit + a Rubyvest γ€€
Shelter γ€€

Bright Load

(Shuffle) + s Atk< + a Atk< + l Atk< γ€€
(Flare) γ€€
(Laser L) + s Midtonic L<?> + a Atk< + l Atk< γ€€
(Shuffle) + s Lapis + a Atk> + l Atk> γ€€
(Flare) γ€€
(Laser L) + s Atk> + a Atk> + l Atk> γ€€
(begins dying) + s β†’ Lightning2 γ€€

65MBC ⇩⇦ set stone
1000AD check stone, ⇧⇨ talk Mayor ⇦⇩
2300AD check stone

Giant's Claw

Giant's Claw


600AD ⇨⇧
πŸ•ŠοΈ Lizardactyls (fast menu)

  • Bluerock

πŸ”„ Roboγ€€(L.)γ€€(S.)γ€€

r KaiserArm + l Wondershot γ€€
s Sunshades γ€€
a DE vest + r Rubyvest γ€€
s Atk + l *Atk + r (Atk) - *check Timer-second on flash/bang
Wondershot Timer
60 +4 / +0
300 +3
600 +1
1200 -2
1900 -4
l Atk - 1-shot w/ Wondershot Timer manip
s ❌(miss) + r ❌(miss) + l ❌(miss) γ€€
s Atk γ€€
s Atk γ€€
  • Midether

Rust Tyrano FADE

Geno Dome

Geno Dome


⇨⇧ Run up conveyor & hit switch ⇩⇦

s Ice2 - (Lightning2 also fine)
  • Doll, Speedtab (1st & 3rd switch)
  • Hyperether, Fullether
  • Doll, Vigilhat (Lead your robot)
l SpeedBelt γ€€
r Midtonics + l Midtonics γ€€
r Midether + l Midether γ€€
s Midethers + s Speedtab γ€€

Load "8" count

s MASH - Ice2 or Lightning2
1. Laserguard fight is ending: Tap Left against floor thing, then hold Dash γ€€
2. Run and stand in green slime, hold Up against wall γ€€
3. hold Up+Left γ€€
4. swap characters to gain control γ€€

πŸ”„ (R.)γ€€Magusγ€€Luccaγ€€

(Laser L) γ€€
(Heals… Heals) + s Darkbomb + l Hypno γ€€
(Chaos R) + r β†’ -used to set Uzzipunch here
s Darkbomb + l Midtonic Robo - Lucca MASH if you set her to item
(Laserspin) γ€€
s !Darkbomb + l Firetackle γ€€

Sunken Desert

Sunken Desert

  • Lapis

πŸ•ŠοΈ Hexapods (no menu) Magus β†’ Ice2

s Bandana γ€€
r Sunshades + r CrisisArm γ€€
s MASH Ice2 γ€€
(Absorb) + r *Uzzi> + l Atk< (Head) - Check Lucca's Damage
(Blind) + l Atk< (Head) + s Atk> + r Uzzi> - Legs dead
If Lucca opened with 1000 damage: γ€€
l Atk (Core) + r Uzzi - fight over
If did not open with 1000 damage: γ€€
r Uzzi< (Head) + (Kill Magus) - also if Robo couldn't buffer *Uzzi at start
l Atk (Core) + r Uzzi γ€€
  • Elixir
  • Greendream (Talk to Fiona, go 1000AD)

Yakra 13

Guardia Castle


πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Marleγ€€Magusγ€€

Talk to Chancellor (can menu/save after this dialogue)

s Greendream γ€€
s Tonic + a Midtonic γ€€
Save γ€€

Reload "10" count (1.5-2.1)
SWAP TRICK (talk to the guys AND mash Y)

πŸ”„ Frogγ€€Roboγ€€(S.)γ€€

s ❌ (Naga) 168? γ€€
f ❌ (Snake) 332/664 γ€€

πŸ”„ (F.)γ€€Marleγ€€(S.)γ€€

Prism Shard

πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€(M.)γ€€(S.)γ€€

s MASH 1636,1638 - Ice2

Ayla needs 120-248hp

  • Prism HELMS (choice is immediate)

Death Peak



πŸ”„ Roboγ€€Luccaγ€€(S.)γ€€

Eat the Lunch
Lose the Game (1/8 chance of "R")

  • Clone - close the Got Clone text!! (else Clone is still in the room)

Death Peak


visit Keeper's Dome

(Needle all) γ€€
l Firetackle> (Head) γ€€
r Firetackle> (Head) γ€€
  • Starscythe
(Needle all) γ€€
l Firetackle> (Head) γ€€
r Firetackle> (Head) γ€€
(Needle all) γ€€
l Firetackle> (Head) γ€€
r Firetackle> (Head) γ€€

If didn't learn Flare, fight more eggs!!

πŸ”„ (R.)γ€€Aylaγ€€Frogγ€€

Crono Hug
Heal at Bucket

Ozzie's Fort

Ozzie's Fort


Talk to Ozzie

πŸ”„ (R.)γ€€Luccaγ€€Magusγ€€

Fadeout Fort (Blackout Basement)

  • Fullether
(Yes Indeed) γ€€
s Omegaflare γ€€
r Firetackle + s β†’ Ice2 γ€€
  • Dashring

Fade Ozzie twice (check trap), leave

r Amulet γ€€
l Prismhelm + s Prismhelm γ€€

Black Omen

Black Omen

s Darkbomb γ€€
(Chaos) γ€€
r Omegaflare v γ€€

πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€(L.)γ€€Aylaγ€€

a Prismhelm + a Dashring γ€€
l Sunshades + c Prismspecs γ€€
c Rainbow + c Vigilhelm γ€€

πŸ•ŠοΈ Incognito (menu trick)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Goons (menu trick)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Synchrite (menu trick) Ayla β†’ Falcon

avoid 1st & 2nd Eyeballs
πŸ•ŠοΈ Eyeballs
πŸ•ŠοΈ Metal Mutes (menu trick)

Elevator 1

(The Drop… The Drop) γ€€
a Falcon + l Fire2 - wait for Lucca's turn

Floor traps

  • Novahelm, Hastehelm, Megalixir (Nu room)

πŸ•ŠοΈ Tubster (no menu)
πŸ•ŠοΈ Cybots (menu trick)

Eyeball Room


πŸ•ŠοΈ Goon & Flyclops (menu trick)

  • Megalixir

πŸ•ŠοΈ Tubster & Flyclops (menu trick)

  • Speedtab
  • Speedtab (Aliens room)

Giga Mutant FADE
Use Shelter

Elevator 2

(The Drop… The Drop) γ€€
a Falcon + l Fire2 - wait for Lucca's turn

Goon Skip

πŸ”„ Luccaγ€€Roboγ€€Magusγ€€

c Bandana + l Prismspecs γ€€
s Greendream γ€€
r Bluerock + r NovaArmor + r Hastehelm γ€€
Shelter γ€€
l Speedtab X2 γ€€
Save γ€€

Omen Gauntlet


Reload "10" count (1.5-2.1)

(Erupt) γ€€
(Absorb) + s Omegaflare γ€€
(Chaos) γ€€
r Omegaflare γ€€

Use Megalixir, BS β†’ 4

(Destruction zone) + s Midtonic L. + l β†’ pt. Hyperether γ€€
l Firetackle> (Head) γ€€
(Darkbomb Lucca) + s β†’ X-B-Down… - so CursorMem stays Item
s Omegaflare + (Counteratk) γ€€
(Darkbomb Lucca) γ€€
r Omegaflare + (Counteratk) γ€€
s Hyperether (L.)> + l Flare^^ γ€€
s Sunshades γ€€
f Greendream + f Rubyvest + f helm γ€€
Battle Speed β†’ 2, Save γ€€

Reload "8" count (0.9-1.3)

(Halation) γ€€
s Omegaflare γ€€
(Absorb R.) γ€€
r Omegaflare γ€€
(Halation) γ€€
(Halation) + s Omegaflare γ€€

MENU GLITCH (once screen goes fully black, hold Y):

πŸ”„ (L.)γ€€Frogγ€€Roboγ€€

l Flametoss γ€€
(Release Energy) γ€€
f Elixir Glitch γ€€
(Laser Lucca) γ€€
(Skygate Robo) + f Atk γ€€
(Skygate Frog) γ€€
f Elixir Glitch γ€€


Lavos Shell


πŸ”„ (L.)γ€€Roboγ€€Magusγ€€

πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€Aylaγ€€Luccaγ€€

πŸ”„ Magusγ€€Roboγ€€(L.)γ€€

(Atk) + s Omegaflare γ€€
(Attack) + s Lightning2 γ€€
r Omegaflare γ€€
(Geyser) + r Atk γ€€
r Omegaflare γ€€
l Atk + s (Darkbomb) γ€€
s Omegaflare γ€€
(DefDown) + r Omegaflare γ€€
r Omegaflare γ€€
r Omegaflare γ€€
(Plasma… Flare) γ€€
s Omegaflare γ€€
r Omegaflare γ€€
l Atk + s (Darkbomb) γ€€
s MASH - darkbomb
(Rains… Chaos) + r Omegaflare γ€€
(Needle Magus) + r Omegaflare γ€€

Lavos Arms & Core

Elixir Glitch


πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€Frog(100%)γ€€Ayla(100%)γ€€

f Greendream γ€€

Be sure Frog is not in critical health (Midtonic)
Battle Speed β†’ 4 (+)

Backup: MASH load

πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€Frog(Mash load)γ€€Ayla(Mash load)γ€€

(Lasers) + f Stands up γ€€
f open Item menu (FAST), point to Elixir γ€€
A-X-Up-X (FAST) A-X-Left-X is the same
(Zap/Buzz Ayla or Crono) + f Midether self ASAP - Few possible openers. Frog going first is great, if you can pull it off
c Point to Elixir OR empty item - any other item is bad
(kills rest of party) + f Stands up γ€€
f MASH (you'll "use" the Elixir) - if you were pointing to blank item, just do same inputs as previous fight (A not B)
Option 1:γ€€B-X-Up-X (FAST) - B-X-Left-X is the same
Option 2:γ€€B-Up-A (FAST) + f Slurpcut< - (take your time with Slurpcut target)

TIME is on input that confirms target (1st frame that the hand icon disappears)

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