Getting Started


Beginning of Guide:

ayla.gif Pressing A on pendulum screen = "1" count

Greendream (No LSS)


a Powerglove= - do this on a Skyway (not in the caves)

Plant the Seed (close ALL texts manually!)

(Ironball) + c Slash γ€€
(Zap) + a β†’ Drillkick γ€€
(Zap) + c β†’ Spincut + m β†’ Ice γ€€

Pyramid FADE

  • Swallow (right chest)

Sunken Desert

c Swallow + c DE vest - from Marle helm
Shelter γ€€
Battle Speed β†’ 2, Save γ€€

Bright load

  • Lapis
c Spincut> (624) - top-left target
m Ice< + c Spincut< - (check if default-target is nearest to Marle)
a Drillkick nearest M γ€€
a Drillkick γ€€

πŸ•ŠοΈ Hexapod (no menu)

c miss… auto… auto γ€€
m Atk* + a Crit* - target the LAST REMAINING* enemy
c Spincut + a Catatk< (nearest) - wait a moment for Ayla's turn
c !Crit γ€€

Heal Crono if miss 1st try aggro (heal Marle if miss 2nd try)

(Absorb) + m Ice> + c Spin> + a Catatk> γ€€
c Spincut> γ€€
(Absorb or breath) + a Catatk> γ€€
c Spincut> γ€€
(Cyclo C) + c Catatk> + m Ice< + c Spin> γ€€
c Spincut> + a Catatk> γ€€
(Absorb,Leech M) + m Midether (Crono)> γ€€
c Spincut> + a Catatk> - Legs DEAD
a Catatk> + c Spincut> γ€€
a Catatk> + c Spincut> γ€€
a Catatk> + c Spincut> γ€€
a Catatk> + c Spincut> γ€€
(Leech M) γ€€
a Catatk> + c Spincut> - MP at 10 & 5
c Spincut> + a Catatk= 396/401/402 - if none of these, must RNG reload ("10")
m β†’ Provoke γ€€
  • Fulltonic, Fullether, 5000G, Aeonhelm (low-right)

skip low-left chest (Memorycap) and island

  • Aeonsuit, Elixir, Fullether, (Lapis)

Fiona's Shrine


πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Roboγ€€

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "10" count (1.5-2.1)

πŸ•ŠοΈ Roly (no menu)

  • Castle Elixir!
  • Greendream

Use Heal bucket

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "12" count (2.5-2.9)


Lavos Shell


πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Marleγ€€

c Falcon γ€€
c !Atk 268/536 γ€€

πŸ”„ Luccaγ€€(M.)γ€€

c Lightning vv γ€€
m Antipode + c Lightning γ€€
c MASH γ€€
m !Antipode + c Slash^ - barely kills; set slash for Zombor

πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Luccaγ€€

c MASH γ€€
c !Falcon + l β†’ Fire γ€€
c Falcon γ€€
l MASH γ€€
(Attack) + a Falcon γ€€
l Fire + a Falcon 1060 γ€€
(Attack) + c Light + l Flamekick γ€€
a Falcon γ€€
l Firesword^ + a Crit or Catatk - Catatk if not 1060 on Masa
a Falcon γ€€

πŸ”„ Frogγ€€(L.)γ€€

c Slash^ - Lightning is fine, but NOT Cyclone
f Atk + l Firesword γ€€
f Atk* + c Slash - wait for *Lucca's turn to come up
(Attack C) γ€€
f Atk + l Firesword γ€€
f Atk + l Firesword γ€€
(Spell) γ€€
c ❌ γ€€
f Midtonic (mash) + l Firesword - point to Midtonic prior to this
c ❌ γ€€
f Atk + l Firesword 898 - if 894, Slash BT before Provoke; if 892, Catatk at end of BT

πŸ”„ Aylaγ€€Marleγ€€

m Provoke (Azala)> γ€€
(Flame… Flame) + m Haste (C)> γ€€
(Chomp M) + m Haste (A)< γ€€
(Flame… Flame… Chomp M (kill)) γ€€
(DefDown) + c Falcon γ€€
c Falcon 9X total - MP at 10 & 12
c ❌ + a ❌ or Catatk - Crono/Ayla swapped order is fine
(Plasma) + β†’ Lapis γ€€
(Flare) + a Falcon γ€€
c Falcon 8X - Ayla's MP at 6
c Aeonhelm γ€€
a Sightcap + a Aeonsuit - NOT Memorycap
c Mesomail + c Berserker^ γ€€
a Bandana v + m Greendream^^ γ€€
m CURES to FULL a (Ayla > 390) γ€€
c auto γ€€
(Rains) + a Lapis γ€€
c miss + m Haste (C)> γ€€
c miss γ€€
(Chaos) + a Heal (M)< γ€€
c auto γ€€
c crit + m Cure (C)> γ€€
(Needle M) + a Fulltonic self< γ€€
c auto… auto… auto γ€€
c auto + a Catatk γ€€
c auto… + (Rains) γ€€
c auto γ€€
c auto + a Lapis γ€€
c auto… + (Quake) γ€€
c miss γ€€
c auto + a Catatk γ€€
(Needle A) γ€€

Lavos Arms & Core

Elixir Glitch


πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€Ayla(No LSS)γ€€Frog(No LSS)γ€€

m green off + c zerk off γ€€(for No LSS)
f Greendream γ€€

Be sure Frog is not in critical health (Midtonic)
Battle Speed β†’ 4 (+)

Backup: MASH load

πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€Frog(Mash load)γ€€Ayla(Mash load)γ€€

(Lasers) + f Stands up γ€€
f open Item menu (FAST), point to Elixir γ€€
A-X-Up-X (FAST) A-X-Left-X is the same
(Zap/Buzz Ayla or Crono) + f Midether self ASAP - Few possible openers. Frog going first is great, if you can pull it off
c Point to Elixir OR empty item - any other item is bad
(kills rest of party) + f Stands up γ€€
f MASH (you'll "use" the Elixir) - if you were pointing to blank item, just do same inputs as previous fight (A not B)
Option 1:γ€€B-X-Up-X (FAST) - B-X-Left-X is the same
Option 2:γ€€B-Up-A (FAST) + f Slurpcut< - (take your time with Slurpcut target)

TIME is on input that confirms target (1st frame that the hand icon disappears)

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