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NoLSS Route Doc (maintained by ElGranJerry)

Key Tricks (under construction)


Truce Canyon


Delete saves -or- Mash load (hold Up + mash A, 4 frames)
TIME begins from pressing A on pendulum screen

Battle Speed → 1  
Battle Cursor → Check  
c Atk> - X-right-X
c Atk> - X-right-X
c ❌ - hold X
  • Powerglove

Guardia Forest

c Atk> - X-right-X (target mid)
l Atk* + c ❌ - L wait til C's ATB near*; hold X
l ❌ - just hold X til done
c (❌)  
c Crit> + l Atk> - both target left
c ❌ - hold X
  • Powertab


c ❌ - hold ❌
l Firewhirl>  
l Flametoss -
  • Steelsaber + Powertab
f Crit<< - low left
c Firewhirl  
f ❌ -
  • Heal (right chest)
c Steelsaber + c Powerglove  
l DE vest + l DE helm + l Bandana  
c 2x Powertabs  
  • Midether

Dragon Tank

Truce Canyon


Guardia Forest




Backup: Double-Bright (0.4-0.7)

c MASH - Cyclone
  • 2 Midtonics
(Heal) c Crit> + l Atk> - target Head
(Heal) c Crit>  
(Grind) l Crit>  
(Fires) c Atk>  
(Missiles) c *Cyclone + l *Flametoss - wait in Lucca's menu until DTank Fire completes, THEN close/open to unleash Crono's Cyclone
c ❌  

R Series

Guardia Castle

  • Shelter immediately after D.Tank!

Skip Soldiers' text by pushing Right on stairs

Lab 16

  • Berserker, Lodebow, Lodesword

Arris Dome


Guardian FADE

c Lodesword  
m Lodebow + m Berserker  

Infocenter FADE

Proto Dome

  • Johnny Midtonic if you don't have 2
m auto  
c Atk + l MASH - wait a moment for Lucca's turn
m auto + c → Cyclone - set to cyclone



Use Shelter outside

c Atk + r Atk + l → Midtonic - wait for Robo; set Midtonic

🕊️ Slime X 3 (no menu)

Curebeam C & L if they took damage
  • Plasmagun
c Cyclone (front)> - double-tap FAST
(3x Tackles)  
l Midtonic weakest + c Cyclone (back)<< - during Midtonic
c Cyclone (back)<<  
(3x Punches) - light dmg
c Cyclone (front)> + l Flametoss - set Flametoss!


End of Time


🔄 (M.) (L.) 

Cake Dash

Heck Cave

m auto + c Slash  
l MASH - (if Marle didn't crit)
  • Ether

🕊️ Jinn Bottle (menu trick) Crono → Slash
🕊️ Tempurite (menu trick) Crono → Slash
Bat Skip (clip Down)

🔄 Robo Lucca 


End of Time

Go Go to " Tru_ C_ yo_
6_ A_ Y

🔄 Lucca Robo 

(Bird Skip)
visit Captain
text-cancel Chef

  • Powertab, Jerky



  • Miragehand
m Ribbon^ + c Berserker^  
r Powerglove^ + r Miragehand  

Mash load (0.0-0.2 sec)

c 195 - (Fast Mash: no Load Screen)
l L/R (no menu) + c auto - begin LR when guy dies
(Hammer) - RUN before Crono atk
c 193/386 - (Slow Mash)
l Atk + L/R MENU TRICK -
  • Midether
ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: MASH load (first 2 frames)
  • Speedtab
organize items  
c Powertab + Speedtab  
c auto  
(atk Lucca) l FIRE< + r Crit< - Fire and Crit quickly on left
c auto… crit  
(atk Crono) l FIRE< - Fire on left

☠ NOTE: Do not be in menu during non-animation time (i.e. where ATB would advance). Input all moves strictly during animations. ☠

c auto.. auto + l Fire + r Rocketpunch  
c crit.. crit + l Fire + r WAIT - (Robo does nothing here)
c auto + r Rocketpunch  
c auto + l Fire + (Atk Crono*) * check Robo's ATB is extremely close
c auto + r Rocketpunch  
c auto + l Fire* * if Robo ATB wasn't close, let ATB slip while in Lucca's menu (Masa will teleport)
(Atk Lucca)  
c auto.. crit + r Rocketpunch + l Fire  
c auto.. auto + l Firepunch  



Sell bottom 2 (armors)  
c DE helm + c DE vest + c Defender - from Lucca's weapon
Sell all equipment (incl. weapons)  
BUY 21 Midtonics, 11 Revives, 11 Shelters  
r DE helm + r DE vest - from Lucca's acc.
Sell bottom 2 (armors)  

🔄 Marle Lucca 

  • Hero Medal
  • Magicscarf
ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: Bright load

🕊️ Roly (menu trick) Crono → Slash
Melchior FADE

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "8" count (0.9-1.3)

Mystic Mtn

c Slash - close texts when Reptite kisses right-edge of screen
m Antipode< - target center
c MASH  
c !Slash  
l Flametoss  

🕊️ Runners (menu trick)

🔄 (L.) Robo 

Soup Contest

🔄 (A.) (L.) 

Forest Maze



ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "15" count (3.7-4.1)

Reptite Lair

(Atk Crono (34)) + c Slash + a → Item  
a Crit + c Atk - wait for Crono, input quick

🕊️ Megasaur (fast menu: must be solid to get Ayla crits)

c Magicscarf  
a Berserker + a DE vest  
a auto  
c Lightning + l Fire - if you fail this, go to backup
a auto  
a crit + c Slash  
l MASH + a crit  
(Zap) + c Lightning  
a crit + l Fire  
a crit + c Slash  
a crit + l Fire + c Slash  
a auto + c MASH  

Flea & Slash

Mystic Mtn

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: Bright load

🕊️ Runners (menu trick) Crono → Light

  • Berserker

Melchior Basement FADE

🔄 Lucca Marle 

(Bird Skip)

Magic Cave

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "8" count (0.9-1.3)

🔄 (F.) Robo 

🕊️ Rats (Crono or Robo gets hit 19) Crono → Lightning

Flea Hall

  • Midether (if you need to backup load, you can run the halls first then go outside and save)
ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "10" count (1.5-2.4)
(Red Rain on Frog) - low-left guy must make first move
c Rocketroll + f → Slurp - safer to have cursor on Lightning beforehand
c Powerscarf^^  
f Berserker + f Ruby Vest + f DE helm  
ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "14" count (3.0-3.6)
f (188/376) + c → Slash - set Slash so you can mash
(atk Crono) - move cursor to Robo's Attack
f auto until music loops 2nd time - (about 1 minute / 14 attacks)
f crit + r Atk + c Slash - mash A when Frog crits
f crit + c ❌ - hold X after inputting Slash

Slash Hall

  • Midether
f auto + c Slash>>> - Slash low-left
f auto  
c !Slash - before Frog's turn. (will always hit both)

(no heals)

f auto + c Slash  
(Attack) + r Rocketpunch  
f auto + c Slash  
f auto + c Slash  
(Attack) + r Rocketpunch  
c ❌ + r ❌  
f auto + c Slash  
c ❌ + r ❌ … - hold X til the end
f auto + c Midtonic(self) FAST  
(attack) + c Midtonic(Frog)> FAST  
f auto… auto…  
f crit + c ❌ + r ❌ - hold X until Robo attacks twice
c ❌ + r ❌  
(wait for Spincut) + c Midtonic self  
(wait for Slash) + f (wait) + r ❌ + c ❌ - hold X until Yes Indeed
c ❌ + r ❌  
(Counter on Frog)  
f auto + c → Slash - set to slash now or next fight


Ozzie Hall

c Slasher + c Magicscarf^  
f Heromedal=  
ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "10" after Slash (1.5-2.1)

🕊️ Hench (no menu) Crono → Slash
🕊️ battle (menu trick)
🕊️ battle (menu trick)
🕊️ battle (menu trick: must be solid to get Marle crit)


🔄 (F.) Marle 

c ❌  
f Atk> + c Slash» + m CRIT - Frog waits with cursor on right Outlaw
c MASH - must run quick from 4th hall battle for Marle crit

🔄 (F.) Lucca 

🕊️ Outlaw (no menu) Frog → XStrike

c MASH Slash… + f ❌  
If Frog on XStrike:  
l MASH Fire + c Slash> - Crono hit low-left
f Xstrike + l Fire - target left
If Frog NOT on Xstrike:  
l MASH Fire + c Slash» - Crono hits low-right
l Fire + f Xstrike - target left
  • Speedbelt

119 on last Ozzie switch

🔄 (F.) Robo 

Use Shelter if took any damage after Slash


ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "11" count (2.45-2.7)
c ❌ + f ❌  
(Geyser) + c Rocketroll + f ❌  
c Rocketroll + f ❌  
(Geyser) + r Midtonic F< + c Light + f ❌  
(Atk Frog) + c Slash  
c !Slash + f Crit + r Midether C>  
c MASH  
f Crit + c Slash - wait for Crono (Robo MT if early)
c Slash + f Crit  
r Atk + c Slash - wait for Frog's ATB near
f ❌  
c MASH … + f ❌ - barely before Robo's turn
c !Slash  
(Spell) + f Crit + c Slash + r Atk  
c MASH … + f ❌  
r Atk + f Crit + c Slash  
r Atk + c Lightning + f ❌  


Dactyl Nest


Laruba FADE

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: Bright load

🕊️ Ape (no menu) Frog → Item
🕊️ Avian (no menu) - watch for dudes to face left

  • Mesomail

🔄 (A.) Marle 

Tyrano Lair

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: "10" count (1.5-2.1)
c Pscarf^ + a Pglove^^^ + m Mscarf^  
a Mesomail + m DE vest + f Bronzemail - de-equip from Ayla acc.
r Hidevest^ + r Bronzehelm + m DE helm - de-equip from Frog weap.
c Rubyvest + l Speedbelt  

🕊️ Reptite X2 (no menu) Crono → Cyclone
🕊️ Reptite X2 (no menu) Crono → Cyclone
🕊️ Reptite X3 (no menu) Crono → Cyclone

c MASH + a Atk NO ZERK

Nizbel II FADE

ezgif-4-9c609b3250.gif Backup: Bright load (can take Zerk off Ayla)
c MASH + a auto (378/189) (Zerk:390/195)  
c MASH + a Atk> - if Ayla doesn't have zerk, she MUST target a Volcano
  • Fullether

Terrasaur Skip

a auto + c Slash  
a auto + m Icesword + (attack Crono 2x)  
a auto + c Slash + (attack Marle 2x)  
a auto + m Icesword  
a auto + c Midtonic (Marle)< + (Chomp M)  
a auto + m Icesword  
a auto  
(Atk Crono) + m ICESWORD + (Break)  
a auto… auto + c Midtonic self  
a auto  
a crit… crit + m Icesword  
a auto… auto + m Icesword  
a auto + c Midether self - or Fullether
a auto + c Icesword! - important that Icesword is by Crono!
a auto…. + c MASH Icesword! - this is the ONLY unbuffered move
a auto + c Revive (mash)  
(Chomp C) + c → Slash + m Revive (mash)  
a auto… auto - just mix in extra Slashes and/or extra Icesword if de-railed
a crit… crit… crit + m Icesword  
a crit… crit + m Icesword  
a auto + c ❌ - can hold X after inputting Icesword
a auto + m Icesword  
a auto… auto + m Icesword  




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