A. Doan

  • Get greeted by Dwayne. Move Down beneath the soil pot, directly toward the ladder

B. Console

  • L+R+A after catching rat

C. Rafters

  • If your Menu button is X: menu now change controls!

D. Guardian

  • Pressing X in this room will trigger a fight. (Test it out during the Title Screen preview!)

E. Fridge

  • Be sure to interact with the body, after the forced cutscene. Else rat race won't spawn.

F. Bugs room

  • "Topside bug" is possible, but is high risk/reward. If you're too fast, you actually get caught by the first (topmost) bug
    • release Dash a few times as run to top of room, get on stairs facing Down and sneak past topmost bug
    • above the final (lowmost) bug, run straight Right. If you get obstructed, just return Left and go underneath it

G. Robot room

H. Infocenter (Lavos cutscene)

  • fade out this cutscene

G2. Robot exit

F2. Bugs exit

  • Take the 1st stairs immediately, and at the 1st (lowmost) bug stay against the bottom of the stairs. Clearing all the bugs without waiting isn't too difficult.
  • "Midcycle rat" - the rats may get in your way at the end, but it is possible to sneak between them. Otherwise, be careful that you wait for them to pass.
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