Battle Key
  • Battle Approach
All actions buffered! (inputs only during animation-time!)
(menu trick) Hold L+R to run: open Tech/Item til escape timer fills
(no menu) Hold L+R to run (timer should fill before enemies' action)
  • Battle Actions
A + B + C "Buffer" B (input during) A, and buffer C during B or A
!Action Requires a quick character-switch
ACTION Unbuffered action, usually small time-window!
Action= Default target (or "self")
Action>> From default target, press Right twice to select
Action 195 Verify the damage number
[X] and [A] "Logical X" (your Menu) and "logical A" (your Confirm)
→ Tech "Use" a Tech, as battle ends (must confirm target!)
→ Item "Use" an Item, as battle ends (must confirm target!)
→ point to Item Simply point to Item (DO NOT USE/CONFIRM IT)
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