A. Nagaettes

  • Pick up the Hairpin without talking to the nun; fight Nagas.
  • Name Frog "g"; play 1st organ (need to be fully in front of it)

B. Main

  • Enter holding Left
  • Get the Revive; get the Sword before entering Powertab room (this gives you a better enemy-cycle after Powertab room)

C. Circuit

  • Use the left stairs. In the left side-room, stick to the right (bat hitbox only goes left of the red); skip the switch.
  • At top, avoid the red carpet; go above the rolling Hench.
  • Use switch in right side-room; the Diablos have no hitbox.
  • Run straight Up into Hench fight; play 2nd organ (do not need to be fully in front)
  • The slide hitbox is at the top of the slide, so hug the rail at the very top.

D. Royal Hall

  • Safety save while waiting for Hench to move. For the fadeout, door-trigger is barely inside the door (don't run up into it much at all)

E. Yakra

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