Hold Start+B
Non-Battle Tap/buffer this to exit menus on 1st possible frame (i.e. you'll only ever see black). Holding S+B speeds up fadeouts. Examples: you can press S+B while using a powertab/Curebeam/etc., and you can hold S+B preemptively while meeting Gaspar (to close the forced char-swap menu)

Hold A
Overworld Enters an area (or vehicle) on 1st possible frame
Battle Closes end-of-battle messages on 1st frame, as well as Greendream message ("Frog got up!")
Dialogue Picks default option in choice dialogues on 1st frame

Mash A
Events are generally on 8-frame cycles. Closing a textbox 1 frame sooner/later can potentially gain/lose 8 frames

Double-Tap A
Battle Safely open menus ASAP by anticipating when your turn comes and 2-tapping. Thus you won't accidentally use a tech/item. Note: often you can open battle menus just a bit before they even appear (seems more prevalent on English version.

Hold X (menu button)
Battle Auto-attack default target on 1st possible frame. This is enabled by setting Battle Cursor to On/Memory. After using X, your cursor will still be on Tech/Item. Be sure not to hold it until battle actually starts (weapon draw noise / UI is visible).

Single-Tap X (menu button)
Battle Choose Attack (even if you're pointing to Tech or Item)
Battle Confirm an enemy or ally target
  • This is what is happening during Elixir Glitch. The Elixir kicks your cursor out to the top menu (it's invisible). "X-Left-X" just means "choose Attack, point to head, Confirm"
  • Beware: if you press X to Attack but change your mind and use a Tech or Item, that action will NOT be remembered! The cursor memory will believe you followed through with the X-to-attack.

Hold L+R to Escape
Battle UNLIKE holding X, you can (and generally should) begin holding L+R as EARLY as possible (before the battle starts). The 2-second escape count begins just before the Battle UI appears. You can enter your Tech/Item menu and let the counter increment (for battles with slow enemies, escaping w/o the menu is better)

Pointing in Item Inventory
Battle Moving inventory cursor (not using item) will stores the whole party's cursor on that item slot

Anywhere but Mode-7 Soft reset. If you hold any 3 of the buttons, tapping the 4th then resets

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