A. Escapes

  • Stay to the Right beneath the overpass
  • Can clip Up behind the Shist (bit risky)

B. Skips

  1. Buffer Dash into the room (move in 2-pixel multiples): there's only 1 X-coordinate that works, and this helps you visually distinguish between the correct pixel versus too far left/right. Line up Crono's hair with the grass of the Shist; run Up.
  2. After Mesomail ladder, continue buffering Dash for double-pixel movement, and clip Up at the end. Place Crono's foot right on the square "chunk" in the dark heart-shaped grass; run Up.

C. Ayla

  • If you succeeded the Laruba fade (!), game will pan camera immediately. Else… climb all the way back down to Laruba.
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