A. Entrance

  • Run straight Up between the Birds; do not approach too far Left or you'll trigger the Tata scene (and fights)

B. Tata Skip

  • Buffer Left+Up: Miragehand is immediately behind the leaves.

To manipulate Masa & Mune, all fights must be avoided.

C. Shady Room 1

  • Stay low entering the room. Outrun the Free Lancer.

D. Rock Thrower

  • Buffer Up+Right; take Midether.

E. Shady Room 2

  • Stay above; climbing the ladder, buffer Right+Up. These fights can't be escaped from.

F. Vista 1

  • Buffer UP entering the room! If you press Left too early, there's a whole fight-gauntlet (reload).

G. Waterfalls

  • Buffer Up+Left entering room. To be sure of the skip, push the right-side wall (walk against it); from high enough up, Run Left so that you will clip against the slope. Move up at the sparkling water.
    • Alternatively, hug the lower side of the slope.
  • After the ladder, clip down the left-side.

H. Bird Vista

  • There's a backup load here, but you must load AND fight these Bellbirds:
    • Remove Berserker
    • Save by the bridge, MASH Load (has to be first 2 frames: black screen, or barely 1 frame of loadscreen)
    • Touch the leaves to get the 3-Bird fight
    • Robo Atk= (left guy) + Crono Firewhirl= (overkill left guy) (192, 193)
    • Equip Berserker when you use speedtab

I. Shady Savepoint

J. Outside the Cave

  • "Fast Bird" is when you fall down the ladder but the camera doesn't pan: you can immediately Run Right+Down behind the Goblin, and don't need to wait for a Rock-thrower cycle. It's a 1-in-4 framer (the frame you fall down the ladder): shoot for it by hitting the ladder barely (i.e. 1 pixel) off-center.
  • Otherwise, stay to the left, and wait for rock-throws before proceeding.

K. Masa

  • Hit right-side of the stairs for Luck.
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