Emulator Tools

Snes9x 1.51-rr (download)

States TTAS (US) 2:22:05 Red 20180611
States TTAS (JP) 2:20:40 Red 20180611
Chrono Trigger "Infoscope" by RedSlash
Lua Infoscope2019 (New style. No input display. Press Z to toggle hitboxes) 2019.08.01
Lua Infoscope20180608-2 (Bug fix!) 2019.08.01
Lua Infoscope20180608 (Press O & P) 2018.06.08
Lua Infoscope2018 2018.05.29
Lua old infoscope (coordinates) 2016.06.10

BizHawk 1.11 (download)

States Complete State Pack CronoKirby 2016.08.07
Lua RNG Visualizer 2.0 CronoKirby 2016.08.16
Lua HP & ATB Viewer CronoKirby 2016.06.19
Lua Crit Viewer 2.0 CronoKirby 2016.08.17
Lua Wondershot Visualiser 2.0 CronoKirby 2016.08.15
Lua Elixir Glitch (test) CronoKirby 2016.09.27

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