End of Time S/A

(CT-US) EoT Save-Anywhere https://youtu.be/pC5kKeRQ5oo
good letters: https://pastebin.com/juEV05pR

1. Buffer Dash Up+Right into the room, to obtain a small "breakaway" (you'll notice P2 and P3 aren't aligned with Crono anymore). Wake up Gaspar and run Left+Up over the bridge.

2. At the middle of the bridge, Gaspar's text will begin to close: open Menu quickly to interrupt it clearing… Close menu (buffer Start+B to do so), and begin holding A. Move only across the top-most pillar (to "collect" it); cease holding A.

3. Push Left to tuck yourself above the heal bucket. Run straight Right tot the lamppost, then Walk straight Left until stopped by the heal bucket.

4. Tap A, and pause-unpause to try to hit a good frame. If you manage to pause on a good frame, press Start+A exactly together (there's some leeway to it), and hold A to close the text (600AD).

Go to "Truce Canyon"

Go to "Truce Canyon" 600 A.D.? Yes. No.

5. Watch P3's position compared to Crono. Right when P3 groups up, Crono will face down and begin to zip Up+Left. Try to anticipate this and open menu immediately when it begins (you need to hear the shimmer or see movement). Swap Lucca & Robo, to cancel his zip.

6. Depending on how early you cancelled the zip, you now need to run around to the savepoint and stand on it (with decent time before the screen transitions, else the savepoint won't grant Saving Status).

Clip of EoTSA on JP:

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