Usable Stuff

  • "Menu Glitch" - open menu after a room transition begins (full black screen). Not to be confused with:
  • Fadeout (Fade)
  • Save-Anywhere (S/A) - occurs naturally ingame (Tyrano Lair button savept)
    • can even Save Anywhere during Menu Glitch, etc
  • Unequip (or D/E, de-equip): +10 magic power (US only), and +15 magic resistance. Res is a hidden stat (it's not Mag Def). Base res is 4 for each element, or 5 for character's innate element (so, 4/5 damage). By the way, Ayla's innate is fire.
    • 1st de-equip = 1/4 of total damage (4/19 or 5/20), i.e. 75% increase
    • 2nd de-equip = 1/7 of total damage (4/34 or 5/35), i.e. 57% increase
  • Elixir Glitch - HP overflow/instakill for enemies w/ over 16383HP
    • PC must be above critical HP before death
    • at death, 7e968c must be > 0, and 7e06db must == 0
  • Regain Control using Swap-menu (used for LSS, Atropos Skip, Cake Dash)
  • Teammate Breakaway using text lag (I think especially the 'newline' character)
    • Teammate OoB: negative coordinate (runs laps across screen in attempt to regroup)
  • Back In Time - skip a cutscene, return (with Crono!) and reset the story counter
    • lots of possible stuff (Magus vs Magus; fly on pre-fall 12000BC; Earthbound Village crashes, can't progress)
    • BiT is likely what people called "Future Skip" …
  • TAS glitches (Inichi's submission notes):
    • equip Bronzefist on all characters
    • midframe reset to rewrite overworld position
    • Pressing A same frame as stepping on trigger, to skip it (?)
      • can also duplicate an effect (prison cell door), and probably creates softlocks (Dragon Tank)
    • lots more, of course
  • Scroll glitch - In Denadoro on the screen before Masamune. You can move and have the intended scroll not happen. (possible early bird cycle)

Bad Stuff (beware)

  • Music Glitch - random (rare) hardlock; confirmed on console.
    • often presents as a total music cut-out, whereupon attempting to enter a door/menu/battle yields a blackscreen (and the soft-reset input is disabled); it can even "crash" the emu (program needs to be closed and reopened)
    • also cases where the game crashes when trying to initiate battle (with ambient battle-music playing in the room, such as in Ozzie corridors)
    • may be related to "VC crash" (much more frequent random crashes, on WiiVC)
  • If you land Epoch on 1999AD, there's no savepoint after Lavos shell (just as if you'd crashed Epoch). This is definitely a glitch.
  • Greendream crashes Golem fight (where you're meant to die)

Inapplicable Stuff

  • 2 Epoch glitch? (I got this as a kid - the "fake Epoch" was on 2300 map, and would softlock if you boarded it)
  • graphical glitches:
    • palette bug (blue Yakra, yellow Ozzie, etc)
    • sometimes graphics can appear as hex (I've seen this for Black Omen Synchrites), or weird text (for Marle, first documented by 0xa101 in a NG+ run)
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