Rom Hacks


Download -> #hacks-dev (link in Channel Topic)


  • Textless - Built upon the textless "racing" ROM (text is intact where strategic)
  • Room-by-room - sequence of about 250 warps (R+Sel forward, L+Sel backward), plus a couple dozen "big warps" for menu practice (A+R+Sel forward, A+L+Sel backward).
  • "Savestates" - States are already pre-coded into each room, and load automatically when you warp (you don't need to do anything). This state includes RNG, inventory, party/stats, all story/event flags, and it grants save-anywhere.
  • 100% - The states are based on a 100% route, but also covers Any% No LSS where practical (Desert, and of course Shell Fights).
  • Repeat sections - Pressing Select usually reloads the room (in more complex rooms, it may send you to the middle). Most enemies will send you back instead of initiating a fight.
  • Always escape - You cannot warp during battle, BUT you can escape from all fights (L+R)
  • Fight markers - The invisible 16x16 triggers (which are activated by touching, basically an invisible enemy) are marked by Blue Dolls. Triggers that are instead a "line threshold" (which simply check your tile-coordinate) are marked by Blue Cats.
  • (Toggle markers) - Turn the blue markers off/on by visiting Crono's room (L+R+Sel, talk to doll, L+R+Sel to return)
  • RNG feedback - Where RNG matters, you get feedback at end-of-battle in the form of a sound effect (Good = chime, Miss = bird noise)
  • BS indication - Textbox-color updates to reflect your Battle Speed

Known Issues

- 2nd part of Zombor skip is inaccurate; Dena Fast Bird inaccurate (no fixes planned)
- Slash2 chime is wrong
- warp in MtWoe to fix?

Note about Warp Limitations:

- Each room has 1 state only. If it's a room that's traversed multiple times in the speedrun, bear in mind that I had to choose 1 sequence to place it in. Example: Guardia Forest 600AD belongs before Cathedral
(A+ Warps may accommodate by giving you a few warp choices.)
- Furthermore, what we may understand as separate rooms, are sometimes just parts of the same room. Example: all the Tyrano Lair "balconies" are really the same room. If you "Reload Room" on any of them, you will be sent to the 2nd balcony.
Sorry for inconvenience :>

About the Route

- The route used involves equipping Zerk on Crono in Heck Cave, to fight Gato early. It then sells Lucca's equipment in Dorino, and at Tata Skip de-equips Crono and equips Robo. At Porre: sell all equipment, buy Midtonics then Shelters (2nd!) and anything else (this puts Shelter "on L" once again). Finally, it takes Speedtab from Medina, on the way to Melchior.

Thanks y'all

Developed by Redslash, tested by SnesWarrior, Luncht1me, T1000, Avonis, DrunkenDraconian, Arzehn, KaioSekka, &c


TLDR v2.3 (2017-11-07) ->

Re-added text: Yakra skip, stealing from Jail guards, Arris rat stuff, inside Magic Cave & Guillotine room (where cycles are sensitive to text timing), and the LARA console.
"Invis Magus" is prob still an issue.

TLDR v2.2 (2017-06-13) ->

Text removed for all of the 100% speedrun route.
Candy scene also removed.
Fixed: corrupt "Dual Tech" string, and a corrupt item description (0xDE shared by Clone, Toma's Pop, Sunstone)
- these strings are the last strings in their groups, and need to be checked before each release

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