Prac Hack Plans

Notes about planned changes to the current prac rom.

Settings (Toggle these on/off):

*Auto-Retry When Auto-Retry is on, no battles can be activated by the player: you'll *always* be sent back ~1 screen-length to repeat the movement. This may also get applied to heavily-practiced events like Heckran/Zombor. When Auto-Retry is turned off, ALL fights/events are engageable. Because Auto-Retry is very intrusive to the gameplay, something like L+R+Sel should instantly toggle it.
*Fight Markers Blue Dolls that indicate fight/event triggers. For these to be shown, Auto-Retry must also be on. Then I don't have to erase/redraw them. If Auto-Retry is off, the Markers are solid objects and touching them will not trigger events (they'll just make the squeak noise).
*Auto-Skip This might be ambitious. The new hack will NOT have text deleted… instead, holding R will automatically skip over whole dialogues, long animations, and holding L+R will skip over battles. There might be a "blip" sound for feedback. When Auto-Skip is on, this will happen without any user input, but holding R will override the skips (and holding L+R will force battles: party and enemies will get into fight position, but your party will then group up again.)
*RNG Feedback After battle, a textbox will display your RNG value vs the Correct value/range, with the option to Fix or Ignore. If the fight got Skipped (see above), this RNG prompt will still be shown.


Hack Menu This will display Time Elapsed in previous room, current RNG, and maybe Battle Speed. It can be accessed by pressing Select from anywhere. It can also optionally pop up between every room transition (in fact, it will be skipped or shown according to the L+R/AutoSkip feature). Option #1 is Replay ("retry"/"retime" the previous room, from most recent entrance). The next options are: Teleport (to all possible locations), Settings (toggle Auto-Retry / Markers / Auto-Skip / RNG Feedback, and also set RNG), and finally the Help/Controls.
Room-by-room Probably the same sequence of consecutive Warps (R+Sel forward, L+Sel backward). However, no more "Big Warps" (A+R+Sel and A+L+Sel have a different purpose…)
Hardcoded Savestates States are still pre-coded into each room, and load automatically when you Warp in. This state includes RNG, inventory, party, stats, and all story/event flags. To address the 1-state-per-room limitation: With the Teleport menu being the main transport mode, we could have a few states available to choose from for a given room.
Quick Save/Load There's already a quick Load Screen option added to the Heckran/Zombor skips… But in place of that, let's use A+L+Sel at any time to instantly open the Load Screen. (And logically, A+R+Sel to open the Save Screen. No need for Save-Anywhere.)
Walk Thru Walls Toggle classic C H E A T C O D E S using probably A+Sel, to move around quickly through areas without needing to Warp and overwrite your stuff. SeemsGood

Game startup:

Active/Wait and Crono Name Maybe hold L+R to skip these… New Game ought to get you into the hack's features asap. In fact, press L or R from the Title Screen should perhaps take you straight to the Hack Menu, bypassing existing save files.
Control Layout Instead of having the Controller Layout prompt when you start a New Game, I think we'll just do different versions of the hack for each controller layout. It's 2 whole bytes.
Start/Instructions Basically, this is the Hack Menu already (minus Teleport and Settings). The "Replay" option would dump you into Crono's room.

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