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Any% No LSS

Date Real-Time Runner Gains Note
2016-12-09 2:48:43 Redslash -1:04
2016-11-15 2:49:47 Cronokirby -4 New Nizbel Slash, Juggler, and Magus strats (from Ottavino), these were in the 100% WR at this point. Tighter inventory management
2016-06-29 2:49:51 Cronokirby -59
2016-06-26 2:50:50 Cronokirby -10
2016-06-13 2:51:00 Redslash -57
2016-06-07 2:51:57 Cronokirby -1:20
2016-05-28 2:53:17 Cronokirby -2:17
2016-05-27 2:55:34 Avonis -6 Discord era; zerk Masa/BT/SD/Shell (Silverless route: skip silver stud & silver earring)
2015-10-20 2:55:40 Redslash -1:26
2015-10-07 2:57:06 Redslash -1:53 EoT S/A
2015-02-25 2:58:59 Redslash -3:52 new final shell
2014-11-24 3:02:51 Elgranjerry -12
2014-11-04 3:03:03 eLmaGus -27 Skype era; captain skip, reverse bird, new masa, Frog elixirs
2014-07-20 3:03:30 Ottavino -10:24 script EVERYTHING, + "future-revisit skip" (bluemail)
2013-12-25 3:13:54 Ottavino -3:56 new zombor skip
2013-08-31 3:17:50 Kilaye -1:10 script Slash, manip Niz, opening
2013-07-20 3:19:xx Obdajr -7:16
2013-07-13 3:26:16 Kilaye -6:39 script Flea, manip Magus
2013-06-14 3:32:55 Kilaye -4:05 double-elixir, no-grind route
2013 (May) 3:37:xx Obdajr -3:55
2013-04-27 3:40:55 Obdajr -26
2013-04-13 3:44:21 Obdajr -39
2013 (Feb) 3:45:xx Obdajr -6:25 Fadeout, S/A, de-equip, 1 elixir glitch
2007-04-05 3:51:25 Inichi (on SDA) JP, segmented, glitchless

100% (All Quests)

Date Real-Time Runner Gains Note
2016-09-12 4:32:55 Cronokirby -6:38 new scripts, conveyor skip, etc
2016-01-20 4:39:27 Redslash -2:07 idk
2015-06-10 4:41:34 Puwexil -2:51
2015-06-03 4:44:25 Puwexil -1:24
2015-05-25 4:45:49 Puwexil -1:39
2015-05-03 4:47:28 Puwexil -2:45
2015-04-24 4:50:13 Puwexil -5:26 skip silverstuff
2014-09-21 4:55:39 Ottavino ? lots of new skips, elixirglitches
2011-xx-xx 6:00 Essentia ?

New Game +

Date Real-Time Runner Gains Note

All Endings

Date Real-Time Runner Gains Note
2016-02-22 7:58:25 Redslash
2015-08-09 8:23:34 Obdajr Back-in-Time route
2014-08-25 12:24:xx Obdajr


In 2007, the Chrono Trigger world record was set at 3:51 by Inichi [JP]. This was a segmented run on the Japanese version, featuring RNG-manipulation, with no glitches. Inichi then turned to TASing, and between 2007 and 2008 he discovered and passed on research for nearly every glitch (and glitch-application) currently known in the game:

  • Oct 2007: Fadeout of Guardian, Zombor, Nizbel2, Infocenter, Melchior, Kino
  • Feb 2008: Unequip glitch
  • April 2008: Elixirglitch on final 2 bosses
  • May 2008: Lavos Shell Skip
  • June 2008: Save-Anywhere for Yakra, Heckran, Zombor, Tata, and the EoT S/A
  • Oct 2008: the Critical Hits table

Shortly after AGDQ 2013, Obdajr [CA] routed Chrono Trigger to include for the first time Unequip, Fadeouts (Save-Anywhere), and one Elixirglitch (on the penultimate boss). The original route included upwards of 30 minutes of grinding at Tyrano Lair, in order to clear Sunken Desert, Lavos Shell, and Lavos Core. By spring, Obdajr had achieved a 3:37. That summer, Kilaye [FR] developed a route which used the "double" Elixirglitch (on both final bosses), which cut out the Tyrano grind, and he had found a manipulation for Flea's AI. Kilaye then scripted other fights (including Magus, Slash and Nizbel), and achieved a 3:17. Ottavino [FR] appeared at this time with a new Zombor Skip, and Kilaye recorded a full-game tutorial. Through the fall, Obdajr prepared a 100% run for AGDQ, while Kilaye planned a "no-corruption" TAS, pulling together all of Inichi's findings from the TASVideos thread. Ottavino finished a 3:13 run on Christmas Day, 2013.

AGDQ 2014 featured a Chrono Trigger 100% finale by Obdajr, with a New Game+ opener by 0xA101 [US]. Soon after Obdajr's "million-dollar Wondershot," Kilaye began streaming his TAS creation. There was also routing at this time for the Japanese version by Redslash [US], and for No Save&Quit by DrunkenDraconian [CA].
Kilaye finished his TAS in spring 2014, which contained an amazing (and seemingingly impossible) trick: the Lavos Shell Skip. Cha0s [CA] began attempts to reproduce it in real-time, and in May he succeeded to LSS using one savestate. This spurred new excitement both in routing (skipping the Shell fight would undoubtedly give the version-advantage to Japanese) and in glitch-hunting (renewed search for the elusive "Future Skip").
Upon hearing from 0xA101 about Ottavino's major re-route (RNG-scripting from start to end), Redslash got in touch with Ottavino to share the "Future-Revisit Skip": picking up Blue Mail instead of returning to Arris Dome. Ottavino quickly integrated this and pulled out a 3:03 in summer 2014, at which time SrWatcher created the first CT leaderboard ( To keep the route docs updated, ElGranJerry [MX] stepped up and gathered a Skype crew which included SNESWarrior [US], DrunkenDraconian, Ottavino, Redslash (and it quickly grew). ElGranJerry produced a Fight Scripts doc with standard formatting. Ottavino shed some light on the Back-in-Time glitch (likely the origin of "Future Skip" rumor), which later found its way into the All Endings route. Ottavino had re-routed 100% as well, and attained a 4:55 by summer's end.
Autumn 2014 saw many new scripts and breakthroughs: the "stutter-step" for Heckran/Zombor, LSS setups on Japanese, and a greatly improved Elixirglitch (with Frog). October concluded with a big #RPG Halloween race to Magus, organized by Cha0s. The Ottavino barrier was finally broken by eLmaGus [DE] and ElgranJerry, with 3:03 and 3:02 respectively. On New Year's Eve, Cha0s completed the first ever run using LSS: 3:41 on JP.

First sub-3 by Redslash, and first US LSS by Jackafur, and the category split (to be continued)

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