A. Squadron

  • Escape from 4 fights. You can do zig-zag movement to get Robo near his battle position.

B. Guillotines: dodge all to skip menu before Magus

  1. Redslash: "Run Up+Right against the chain mechanism to 'run in place'; when the 3rd (topmost) guillotine drops, release Right, to clear 1st conveyor."
  2. Try not to step onto the 2nd conveyor before Ozzie stops you.
  3. If you're too fast, 3rd guillotine will catch you; let Robo catch up a bit before Ozzie text at end of conveyor
  4. Sometimes the 4th conveyor simply doesn't speed up (it feels "laggy"). If it does speed you down through, you can try fast 5th conveyor. But if it's slow, you should probably wait.
  5. Ozzie has a Doomfinger (Robo weapon). If you're sheltering before Magus, you can take this for a bit extra damage.

C. DK Ramp

  • Stand still to dodge Rolys. You can move as soon as they are "halfway past" you (i.e. none of the enemy's sprite remains in your path)
  • Note how when a Roly reaches the end of a segment, and rolls down a bit, you can clip Up to the inside and pass.
    • Beware approaching at the same time as the Roly: you can touch the Roly while it's on the segment above you.
    • There's an exception-spot where they do roll down the inside..
  • Bats and Jugglers no hitbox

D. Ozzie Pits

  • Buffer Run into the room. If you walk for even a frame, you'll want to readjust by push Up against the midroom wall (to squeeze above pit "9").
  • Run 2 diamonds right (to center), run *about 2 diamonds Up, then run Up+Right. (*If you're left-of-center, begin your Up+Right earlier, else begin Up+Right later)
  • If you can't heckin' see the black diamonds, stand along with top of the midroom pillars
If you fall, the number of the pit indicates the direction of the Exit (opposite direction is savepoint, and crosswise directions are the fights)

E. Bomber Ramp

  • Buffer Left into room; get as close as you dare to the 1st Outlaw and clip [straight] Up the end
  • Roll Up-Right, and as you approach 2nd Outlaw, clip straight Up
  • If you are fast, you can step on THIS SPOT (pictured) and the Bomber will push the 3rd Outlaw. Otherwise, wait for Bomber to pass and get Robo/Frog to obstruct the Outlaw. Once the Outlaw moves 2 full steps "out-of-bounds", you can pass.

F. Groupie, Juggler

G. Empty room

  • Go to the sides of the statues. At the top, use the chest to buffer Left-Up (be facing Left as you go through the door)

H. Ozzie

I. Bats Ramp

  • Run straight Left, Up into door

J. Magus

  • Hug right side, zig-zag when Magus appears for Robo position

BATHROOM BREAK: After "Whoa…!" dialogue, until Ayla's hut

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