Image Tutorial

1. Mash Load. Wake up Gaspar and do the breakaway….

2. Go Left over the bridge. At the middle of the bridge, Gaspar's text will begin to close: open Menu quickly to interrupt it clearing… Close menu (buffer Start+B to do so), and begin holding A. Move only across the 2 left-most pillars (to "collect" them); cease holding A.

3. Tuck yourself behind the heal bucket (Ayla needs to be sitting behind it). Move Right (until Crono's hair is like this), and tap Up (try for 1 frame):

4. Tap A, and pause-unpause to try to hit a good frame. If you manage to pause on a good frame, press Start+A exactly together, and hold A to close 2 texts (2300 and 1999).

Good Frames:

Go to "Bangor Dome" 2300 A.D.?

5. As the 3rd text (65,000,000) is writing out, watch P3's position compared to Crono. Right when P3 groups up, Crono faces Down: tap A right there (can be a 4-frame or 8-frame window)… Crono hopefully begins to "zip" to the left. You can open/close menu as he follows his course (P2 should NOT chase, else it's a failed attempt).

6. Just as Crono reaches the corner of the pillar-area, coming back inside the fence, swap any 2 characters (using Y menu or X menu) to cancel his 1st zip… Crono will immediately begin a 2nd zip: close menu and mash X/Y until you hear a shimmer noise or see him begin to move. Swap any 2 characters (using Y menu or X menu) to cancel his 2nd zip.

7. Buffer Left+Down, then run Left into the Corner (best to not be all the way at the bottom; the Corner is in fact a small vertical wall)… Mash X/Y as Crono begins his 3rd and final zip. Continue opening/closing menu until Crono reaches at least this far up:

8. (When Lavos Shell flashes on screen, open/close menu to skip the Inner Lavos fade-in!)

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