A. Gate

B. Base

  • Get Reptites into battle position by closing 2nd dialogue within 8-frame window.
    • If your TV has none of the right-edge cut off, you can press A just as Reptites "kiss" the right-edge of the screen.
    • You can also watch Lucca raising her glasses: count and press A on "6,7,8,9"
  • Name Ayla "A" (press A, Up-Left to empty char, A,A,A,Start)

Swap in Robo at any time!

C. Gulch

  • Move to rightside to avoid Runners ("kangaroos"), but be sure not to get obstructed by hugging the wall too early
  • You can pass the 2 sleeping Runners to the right of them, simply by running Down from the yellow flowers (the wall won't slow you)
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