A. Cell

  • Use mug, save before engaging the Guards. If you run into the 1st Blueshield (long fight, can't escape), it's a good idea to reload. Otherwise, it's not a bad idea to continue, and do the Non-manip DTank

B. Stairs

  • 4-pixel opening to pass between the Blueshields
  • Run Diagonal on stairs (not just Left/Right). This is different from Guardia Castle stairs because there, the door-trigger was right at the base

C. Guard Bridge

  • Fade to the center (skip Guard fight)

D. Guard Hall

  • Get up close (see yellow markers), and wait for 1st guard to face Right (he can change facing every 24 frames). Take Midtonic.
  • Wait for 2nd guard to face Down (he can change facing every 48 frames). If he's already facing Down, you can go when he "stumbles". Take Midtonic.

E. Stairs2

F. Supervisor

  • Fade the Door Guards..
  • Beware of this door trigger! If you're Running, and your pixel is misaligned, you won't be able to touch the trigger. Let go of Run and walk into the door.

G. DTank Bridge

(H). Chest with Shelter

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