Chrono Trigger's RNG

There are only 3 things that impact RNG:

(1) Frames spent on the File Select screen
On the File Select screen, the entire RNG cycles from 0 through 255 (every 4 seconds). This is the RNG "timeline", and it's divided somewhat evenly into 16 "windows" (functionally, they are 8 pairs).

(2) Getting into a fight
Before a fight initiates, it first makes a separate copy of the RNG value, for critical hits.
Based on which of the 16 windows it is in, RNG makes an initial jump to one of only 16 possible starting values (and these values tend to only cover 8 windows).

(3) Actions IN BATTLE

  • If you escape quickly, RNG will not increment (beyond its initial jump).
  • Items do not increment RNG
  • Enemies' idle/wander increments RNG by 1 (if it spends their turn).
  • Magic moves increment RNG by 1 (incl. healing moves)
  • Physical moves increment RNG by 2
  • Multi-target moves increment RNG by [N]
  • Each Berserker move jumps the RNG
  • Each "Overkill" move (buffered move on a weak enemy which dies) jumps the RNG

Critical Hits
The exact ending value of the previous fight is the starting point of the Crit string. In battle, the only thing that increments through criticals is your Attack.


RNG Timeline

Just to help you visualize the "flow". This isn't required knowledge.
Each line is one full cycle of the RNG timeline. The line is divided to show the 8 window-pairs.

Mash Bright "7.5" "8" "10,11" "12" "14" "15"
1 Blue Imp Rolyrider Rolyrider Nagaette
2 Diablos
1 *Guard DTank Bugger Acid 3-Slime
2 5-Slime
1 *Goblin Masa1 Masa2
2 Poly Reptite Reptite Runner Weevil
3 Megasaur Megasaur Nizbel
4 Runner Rat Hench FakeFlea
5 Flea Decedent
6 Slash1 Slash2
7 hall1 hall2 hall3 hall4
8 Groupie Outlaw Juggler ozzie1 ozzie2
9 ozzie3 ozzie4 Magus
10 Ape Avian Reptite Reptite Reptite Volcano
11 Volcano Tyrano

Here's a chart of Fight Initials

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