TODO (plan/requests)

Route Fixes (Priority)

  1. (Safety stuff)

Safety fixes/research:

  1. Troll Masa: Lunchtime preventative method; Aedrana recovery script
  2. NoLSS: BS2 Lavos Shell?? (needs test)

Terms to Clarify

  1. What is "overkill"
  2. RNG notes for every fight ("how many extra moves")

Twitch Clips for Illustration!

  1. LSS breakaway adjustment (lamppost) - DD's guide


  1. Improve markup for Battle Strats (no auto-numbering); add better indication of "phases"/pacing
  2. Share Exp/TP calculation spreadsheet -> page for how to use it
  3. Make pages for annotated room-event code AND the changes made to it in the prac hack (Big Project)
  4. History from 2015-2018
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