A. Entrance

  • Clip Up the right-side torch to get aligned. There's a fight trigger directly in front of the right-side skull-entrance: be sure to go over above it.
  • Big Tyrano menu

B. Big Cell

C. Kino Cell

D. Long Button Room

  • (Possible to skip this short animation, but no reliable setup)

E. Small Balcony

  • Buffer Walk-Left into room; take a step then Run Left behind 3 reptites

F. Teleporters; tiny room

  • Buffer Up+Left through this room; will barely clear a fight immediately above the entrance

G. DUEL Balcony

  • Buffer Right, immediately hug the top wall til you reach the gated door.
  • Run down and cross Right along the "hats"

H. Button DUO

  • Hit the right-side floor button, and the switch at the end
  • Backtrack to the gated door: Nizbel 2's room

I. Nizbel 2; tiny room

  • You can skip the Volcano fight into the room: clip Up the leftside of the door while mashing A (success not 100% guaranteed)

J. TERA Balcony

  • Buffer Right+Down into the room. Ride the lower wall and cross at the middle; at the right-side, hug the upper wall (Right+Up) all the way into the door

K. Button TRIO

  • Do NOT touch the right-side button; you can skip all buttons (just, be sure to err toward left-side)

J2. Terasaur Skip

  • Buffer Left+Down into the room. Hug the upper wall again, to align vertically for skip.

L. Azala

M. Black Tyrano

  • Run straight Up to engage.
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