Text-cancelling: "Correct way" https://youtu.be/vwrhZgsMnG4?t=14m50s

  1. Buffer to run Down to "mid-section" (middle of the between-stairs area) to cancel "Prepare yourself"; keep Leene in view.
  2. When Leene turns around: Down to "red edge" (edge of red carpet), then back Up the lower-stairs to view Frog.
  3. When Frog kneels: Down to "red square", then back Up to mid-section to view Leene.
  4. When Leene lowers face: Down to red edge; get Midether chest then stand at top of upper-stairs.
  5. When Chancellor hops twice: Down to mid-section, then back Up the upper-stairs.
  6. When Chancellor crosses halfway in front of altar: Down the lower-stairs and then Down to red edge; open Chancellor's chest then stand in front of Yakra.
  7. Push Up against Yakra repeatedly in attempt to accelerate his transformation (try to stay out of the middle of his sprite).
  8. When Yakra stands up: retreat down the lower-stairs before closing the "Reverts" text!
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