Zombor Skip Tutorial https://youtu.be/cMuWasIpeaQ

BEFORE the room fully loads, "buffer" (i.e. Be Holding) Dash+Left. The trigger we're bypassing cycles every 28 frames, beginning from room-load. We're trying to run across it at a moment when it takes especially long to halt player control. The setup is to Run Left the entire distance, but subtract only 9 frames (by Walking, for 9 frames).
You'll need to dodge the 3 NPCs. If you get "stuck" on them, you'll lose too many Run frames. Luckily, you can pass behind most of the Knight Captain's sprite (if you do not move too far Up, the dodging goes a lot easier).

3-Tap Cap

While running, Release (and re-press) Dash three times: these should be the briefest "Taps" (i.e. releases) you can muster. The best Tap a human should [normally] be able to manage is 3 frames. Or, you might instead aim for 2 "not-quite-optimal" Taps, of 5 frames each. (And there is an older method: walking at the beginning of the room for about 10 frames, and using a visual cue to Run.)

Run Down+Left to push against the side of the bridge, and open menu while Running. When you open menu, you can check for the cues below. (It's fine if you menu too early! Simply close menu, and continue Running PLUS Mashing menu to reopen it).

Look for Crono's Knee in contact with the wooden beam:


Or look for his Red Shoe fully hidden (better yet, poking past the left side):


(These images show the earliest/rightmost good position)

1-Tap Cap

If you save 3 tiles west of your start position, then only a 1-Tap is needed if you reload.
(Crono's position is identical in both these images: bottom-right pixel of the best tile.)

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