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Creating Pages (Route Doc "Headers")

The Goal is to have general data for every area in the game made easily available on every Route Doc, without duplicating information. We're using Wikidot's [[include]] feature to import the area pages into the Routes, presenting them in expandable "headers."

Fights should contain info about entire encounters. Multiple encounters involving the same enemy (especially in the same area) could go on a single Fight page, to be reused.

Areas should contain info covering all the rooms within the area. If there is more to be said about a given room (especially in large areas), that should probably be a Trick page. Areas may contain info/stats for enemies (especially enemies which aren't fought). Multiple visits to the area can go on a single Area page, to be reused.

Finally, if there's not much to be said about an area or trick, then it likely doesn't need a page (route header) at all.


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