f Greendream γ€€

Be sure Frog is not in critical health (Midtonic)
Battle Speed β†’ 4 (+)

Backup: MASH load

πŸ”„ Cronoγ€€Frog(Mash load)γ€€Ayla(Mash load)γ€€

(Lasers) + f Stands up γ€€
f open Item menu (FAST), point to Elixir γ€€
A-X-Up-X (FAST) A-X-Left-X is the same
(Zap/Buzz Ayla or Crono) + f Midether self ASAP - Few possible openers. Frog going first is great, if you can pull it off
c Point to Elixir OR empty item - any other item is bad
(kills rest of party) + f Stands up γ€€
f MASH (you'll "use" the Elixir) - if you were pointing to blank item, just do same inputs as previous fight (A not B)
Option 1:γ€€B-X-Up-X (FAST) - B-X-Left-X is the same
Option 2:γ€€B-Up-A (FAST) + f Slurpcut< - (take your time with Slurpcut target)

TIME is on input that confirms target (1st frame that the hand icon disappears)

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