Radical Dreamers - JP
V gold AFTER outside, dark, wood
  (kick) V
V gold AFTER wood…stair, gold
VV upstair AFTER mirror, gold
V wood
  *UUU (7th) at Library
V window
V gold AFTER wood
  (alarms) V
V stairs AFTER wood, windows
V Fountain (at music)
*U Face (9th)
V tunnel AFTER wood
V stairs AFTER tunnel
V gold* AFTER tunnel
  (heals) V mash V mash
V tunnel AFTER tunnel, stairs
  mash, V
V tunnel AFTER tunnel, fountain
V gold
V black-screen
V upstairs
V Clocktower
V wood AFTER gold, stairs
  (spikes) V
V stair AFTER stair, gold, wood, windows
V wood AFTER fountain
  V at Prisoner
V gold AFTER fountain, stairs
  (music) V
V tunnel
右3回 左2回 右2回
V Lynx AFTER planet
V down (choice #2)
*U up
gold, wood doors

Random Fights:

  • Black screen. Mash, unless you get:

(1) 先頭 を行くキッドの歩きが止った。
- ナイフを抜き身構える。
 (2nd choice)
 Goblin: 3x MASH, 2nd (small text)

  • Enemy appears. Just mash, unless you got:

(2) カシャン、カシャン、カシャン
Clunk Skeleton: 2nd, 2nd

(3) 先頭 を歩いていたキッドが、急にたち止った。
other Skeleton: 2nd, 1st, 2nd

(4) 先頭 のキッドが身震いした。
Imp Demon: 2nd, 2nd

  • other enemies are:

(5) Goblin, (6) Wind ghost,
(7) Griffin, and (8) Hall-rush demon

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